For barbers and hairdressers....

ABC Barber: Português

Aprenda a Cortar Cabelo Masculino em apenas 4 semanas

ABC Barber: Apprentice

Learn how to cut men’s hair in 4 weeks. From basic cuts to skin fades

Advanced Class

Advanced & Modern Shears Techniques, Texture and Shapes

3 Shades of Gray Fades

Learn how to perform perfect fades and skin fades and optimize timing

Mentoria (Presencial)

Aperfeiçoamento técnico para barbeiros 100% prático

Mentorship (In Person)

For barbers looking to elevate their technical skills 100% hands on

1 on 1: Private Class

Private Class Fully Customized to Your Needs – Individual or Group Classes

For businesses...

Mentoria (Online)

Aprenda ferramentas de gestão de uma barbearia lucrativa e organizada

Mentorship (Online)

Learn tools and strategies to have a profitable and organized barbershop

Hair Salon Training

Interested in offering men’s haircut? We can train your team of hairstylists

Barbershop Training

We offer training to elevate the haircut skills and professionalism of your barbers


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Beauty Professionals Trained
Hours Teaching
Experience in the Beauty Industry

We are a 'factory' of Black Belt Barbers
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Our Methodology vs Others

Invictus Barber Academy Exclusive Methodology

Our methodology is simple: a hands on approach combined with comprehensive workshops to maximize understanding. Tico, the founder of Invictus Barber Academy, draws on his wealth of skills and experience to ensure that the learning process is clear, concise, and fun! After all, learning from a whiteboard is not really fun nor practical.

At Invictus Barber Academy, we work with small group of students at a time, so you have 1-1 guidance from the instructor.

About Invictus Barber Academy


The Invictus Barber Academy was created to provide barbers and hairdressers with the opportunity for advanced education. Unlike many other industries, there is little to no continuation of education following initial qualifications. As a result, barbers can feel stuck or unable to learn new techniques and trends.

We want to provide you with the opportunity to advance your skill set and knowledge. Our purpose is to provide barbers, hairdressers, and apprentices with practical, modern, and advanced men’s haircut techniques.

With various workshops and classes available, we are confident that we have the right class for you!

About the Educator

"The more your LEARN the more you EARN"

With over two decades of experience within the industry, Tico has mastered a range of techniques from leading global academies. He has gained experience and knowledge from UK academies such as Menspire Academy and Ego Barbers as well as US academies including the Vidal Sassoon Academy and Paul Mitchell. Through continuous development and dedication to his craft, Tico has perfected many techniques and developed his knowledge to become an industry-leading barber.

Originally from Brazil, Tico moved to the US at a young age and started his career in 2003. After working in salons and barbershops throughout his early life, Tico made the decision to open his very own innovative barbershop that differentiated from others in the industry. He believed that the industry had become too narrow-minded and thus did not offer enough for the modern man.

His barbershop, Invictus Barber Shop, was founded in 2017 in Coconut Creek, Florida. The shop quickly developed a reputation for providing truly outstanding haircuts and gained recognition around Florida. It attracted many famous Soccer and Basketball players, as well as UFC fighters and other celebrities, all lining up to get the perfect cut.

With the business booming, Tico required more skilled barbers to join his team of experts. However, it soon became apparent that a skilled barber was harder to find than he first expected. This resulted in the creation of the Invictus Barber Academy. He began training his own staff in his spare time and quickly developed a passion for educating young and upcoming barbers.

He significantly increased his efforts to provide training and created his own social projects for the barber community. Through this project, he offers demo classes in barber schools, and soon, students were lining up for workshops and classes. He developed a strong reputation within the industry and soon became a leading professional within South Florida.

Since the foundation of Invictus Barber Academy in 2019, classes have been sold out upon their release, with huge demand for Tico’s knowledge and guidance.


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